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  1. Storage: Tofu is typically sold in bricks, tubs, or tetra paks . In its unopened brick or tub packaging, tofu usually keeps for about a month in the fridge. Once the original package has been opened, any leftovers should be stored in water in a sealed container — this will keep it from going hard and will keep it fresh longer. Change the water once a day to maintain maximum freshness. Stored this way, leftover tofu can typically last a week or so. Unopened tofu tetra paks can be stored in a cool, dark, and dry cupboard or shelf and typically last for months or even up to a year.

  2. ¿Cuántas variedades de tofu habéis probado? ¿Cuál es vuestra preferida? Espero que nos lo contéis dejando vuestros comentarios .


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